Support Safe Anesthesia
Care in New York State

Physician Anesthesiologists Save Lives

We reject a two-tier system of anesthesia care for Medicaid in New York State

The redesign of Medicaid may lead to the following situation:

2 tier system of anesthesia care for Medicaid in NY.

We do not support any fiscal or policy proposal that would sacrifice patient safety

especially when it is likely to have an unequal impact on our most vulnerable patients. On the basis of education and training, physicians are the most capable health care professionals for providing rapid diagnoses and decisive actions when adverse events arise during the perioperative period.

Some Things Just Don't Compare

Physician anesthesiologists complete nearly twice as many years of higher education as nurse anesthetists and roughly five times more hours of clinical training. There simply is no comparison. A nurse cannot replace a physician. Who do you want protecting your life in an emergency?

If you or a loved one require anesthesia, would you want your care directed by a physician anesthesiologist with four years of medical school and four additional years of residency training, or would you feel comfortable in the hands of an unsupervised nurse anesthetist (CRNA) with only two to three years of graduate training?